my midlife crisis will be…

I’ve told my wife that I’ll forgo that Mercedes Benz I’ve always wanted if she’ll let me spend $50K during my lifetime for a ticket to ride on SpaceShipTwo. It’s $200K for a ticket right now (which is north of my tax bracket), but hopefully the passenger volume will warrant a reduction in price while I’m still hanging out on the right side of the dirt. Yeah, $50K is north of my tax bracket, too. But c’mon! We’re talking midlife crisis here.

Congratulations, Burt Rutan. Congratulations, Sir Richard Branson. It’s a beautiful ship design. I bet Glen, Eric, and Todd would be extremely proud. I look forward to seeing the real bird. I will start saving my Interstellar Kredits.

(Updated 11:22pm) Wow, from pictures now up on, WhiteKnightTwo (which they’re calling “Virgin Galactic’s Mothership”) looks like a piece of marketing & engineering genius. A significant upgrade from WhiteKnightOne. Elements of Rutan (reuse two identical fuselages on the same bird), elements of Branson (hey, let’s put passengers in that thing, too! They can get a front row seat for the high atmosphere launch!) Too cool.

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