it’s over

I wasn’t born in ’64 when LBJ enjoyed the second biggest Democratic electoral landslide win (90%*) of the 20th century – second only to FDR in ’36 (98.5%*). 2008 will be the biggest electoral landslide for the Dems since 1964. Clinton, Obama – it doesn’t matter, although it’s looking more like Clinton after tonight’s California win. Whoever gets the nod, their victory will exceed Clinton’s ’96 electoral performance (70%*). I believe somewhere in the 80-85% range.

The GOP establishment clearly didn’t get the message in November ’06 or in summer ’07. The GOP has foolishly thrown its weight behind a candidate who’s a non-starter for many, many Conservatives. Tonight, McCain secured second place for himself – perhaps he’s proud of that “accomplishment.” Democratic turnout crushed Republican turnout, all over the country, usually at a 2:1 clip. McCain will lose in the general election, and the margin of defeat will be huge.

* data gathered from

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