VP Wallace unaware during his Gulag visit

Vice President Henry Agard Wallace

Quoted from Anne Applebaum’s “Gulag, A History“*:

Henry Wallace, Vice President of the United States, made a trip to Kolyma in May 1944 – and never even knew that he was visiting a prison.


Before Wallace left, [Ivan Fedorovich] Nikishov gave an elaborate banquet in his honor. Extravagant dishes, their ingredients carved out of prisoners’ rations, were served; toasts were made to Roosevelt, Churchill, and Stalin. Wallace himself made a speech, which included the following memorable words:

Both the Russians and the Americans, in their different ways, are groping for a way of life that will enable the common man everywhere in the world to get the most good out of modern technology. There is nothing irreconcilable in our aims and purposes. Those who so proclaim are wittingly or unwittingly looking for war – and that, in my opinion, is criminal.**

* (C) 2003 by Anne Applebaum, First Anchor Books Edition, May 2004, ISBN 1-4000-3409-4, pp. 441-44
** external reference for this quote back to Henry Wallace source contained in Applebaum’s text.

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  1. mark bernstein on

    Henry Wallace was perhaps the American who was the most “useful idiot” [Lenin’s phrase] to Communist expansion. It is not enough to say that he was “duped.” No one is duped unless that is what they wish to be — add Beatrice and Sidney Webb or George Bernard Shaw — proto-fascist elitists who could imagine nothing better for humanity than they all would live as those elitists decided they should.

  2. Dave Smith on

    Mark, thanks for your visit and comment. There were many, many useful idiots supporting Communism in the USA. Have you read Paul Kengor’s “Dupes: How America’s Adversaries Have Manipulated Progressives for a Century”? I’m about 1/4 through this excellent historical record that documents a staggering number of American useful idiots for the Communist (big “C”) cause.

  3. Giulio Cavassa on

    Hey, I will ask u something. Why do u consider Wallace an enemy of the State rather than Johnson for example?

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