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Cassini exposes Dione

Here’s yet another stunningly beautiful image (long exposure, visible light) captured by the Cassini spacecraft, looking down at the north pole of Dione. The left side of the image is the portion of the moon illuminated by the Sun, while the right side of the image is visibly illuminated by Saturn.

“recycler Al”

April 2004 – Generation Investment Management LLP founded, Hon. Al Gore chairman, with the investment philosophy that “Capitalism is at a Crossroads

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vitriol trumps thought

Ever since I was a kid, listening to others scream and yell has irritated me tremendously. Having gained control of my temper relatively late in life, I admit to being the occasional offender, too.

But the constant drone of vitriolic expression in our daily lives numbs, dulls… Perhaps it’s caused by our basic desire to grab attention right now, and our choice to listen later (or not at all).

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