rhetoric engine

From “The Miner’s Friend; Or, An Engine To Raise Water By Fire, Described.  And Of The Manner Of Fixing It In Mines; With An Account Of The Several Other Uses It Is Applicable Unto; And An Answer To The Objections Made Against It.“, by Thomas Savery, Gent.  The following excerpt is a plea to King William III of England, in 1702:

It is upon this consideration I am encouraged, with a profound respect, to throw this performance of mine, with the author, at your Majesty’s royal feet, most humbly beseeching your Majesty, that, as it had birth in your Majesty’s auspicious reign, you will vouchsafe to perpetuate it to future ages by the sanction of your royal approbation, which is the utmost ambition of, may it please your Majesty, Your Majesty’s most humble, most loyal, and most obedient Subject, Thomas Savery.

“This performance of mine” is Savery’s reference to the steam engine he invented.  The language Savery uses in this plea, and the title of the book it appears in sound absurd in today’s terms.  However, the impact of his invention is obvious in hindsight.

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