profanity concern is (apparently) *so* 2004

My oldest son and I rooted hard for the Celtics during the NBA Finals.  I’ve never been a big Lakers fan, and I really enjoy watching high quality basketball because of its similarity to lacrosse.  I often use NBA games to reinforce flow concepts that I try to teach my sons on the lacrosse field.

But last night, as Boston sewed up its total domination of LA as a basketball team, things degenerated at about the same time as Pierce dumped the Gatorade cooler on Rivers’ head.  The frequency of expletives flying from the Celtics bench was staggering.  Wait a minute guys, didn’t you just win?  Hey ABC, why don’t you just cut the mike already?

KG couldn’t even resist the temptation to throw more expletives when he had his one-on-one interview with Michelle Tafoya after the game.

Thanks to Janet’s “wardrobe malfunction” in 2004, the six second (or whatever) delay in “live” TV meant that ABC caught the expletives with the mute button.  But my son didn’t understand.  Is there something wrong with the TV, Dad?  Why does the sound keep cutting out?  Never mind son, it’s time for you to go to bed now.

What’s even more disappointing than that, now a day later?  Apparently nobody even noticed.  The following Google search (both News and Blog searches) turns up nothing related to this subject:

“garnett OR celtics profane OR obscenity OR crude OR expletive”

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  1. Ben K on

    ABC ran a huge risk by having so many mics down low and it backfired.

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