scientific method redux

Full disclosure:  I am not a scientist.  I passed the minimum science classes required to slog through engineering school.  But back in those dark ages, a cursory understanding of the scientific method was well within the realm of expected science 101 knowledge.

Here’s my layman’s understanding of a few non-qualities of science:

  • non-hysterical:  science is developed methodically, with rigor and great care.
  • not faith-based:  claims must be repeatable by antagonistic, skeptical, independent scientific peers.  Pride of one’s work should motivate the original scientist’s vigilance.
  • non-closed:  to be repeatable, methods must be fully disclosed.
  • not afraid:  science should welcome careful review, because this scrutiny helps to strengthen good science over time.

Finally, I’m just a dumb Southern boy, but I never learned the part about elitist politicians deserving a free pass on scientific “street cred.”

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