lax coach tip: restring reminder

As a youth lacrosse coach, emphasize stick and pocket maintenance during the first practice of the season.  Check your players’ pocket condition often, and far in advance of game day.  Never discourage a kid who shows the initiative to string his own stick.  Be honest, the first time you tried to string one, it didn’t look good, either.

there's teaching opportunity in that string

Often, you’ll notice a string segment on a player’s stick that needs replacing.  Around the house before your next practice, cut a length off your string spool (you DO have a string spool, right?), and burn both ends.  Tie the string through your own pocket as a reminder.  Then you won’t forget to give it to him next practice.  Teach him a knot or a stringing trick before you give him the string, and let him know you’ll be checking his repair before next practice.

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