bailout perspective

$700 billion is over $2,300 for every man, woman, and child in the USA.  Given a total workforce of ~150 million (from Bureau of Labor Statistics), $700 billion is nearly $4,700 for every employed American.  The 2006 mean annual earnings across all workers was ~$41,200.  Let’s guess that it’s $42,000 in 2008, that means 11.2% of the average worker’s 2008 earnings would go to the bailout.

Maybe I’m a little grouchy at 2:32am on a Sunday morning, but can we all agree that we’re sick to death of Federal spending?

  • rewarding bad behavior by both lenders and borrowers?  FAIL
  • a like-it-or-not Nanny State for millions of perfectly able-bodied Americans?  FAIL
  • every working American forced to donate the first 41 days of 2008 (through February 9) for bailout?  FAIL
  • politicians tripping all over themselves trying to buy votes in an election year?  FAIL
  • More Federal spending?  FAIL
  • economic common sense test?  FAIL

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