Windows, iTunes, iPod, and Linux can coexist (part 6)

NoteBurner burned “virtual” CD directories based on how much data would fit on a CD. In other words, it didn’t maintain correct song numbers, and it usually split albums across two directories. This obviously required some fairly tedious manual file renaming to correct.

I used a Windows program called Renamer 6.0 to save a lot of time on this step. Although the about box in this application shows a date of 2002, I contacted the author Albert Bertilsson, and as of today he’s still accepting donations for his work.

Part 1 – introduction
Part 2 – stop buying DRM music
Part 3 – initial backup
Part 4 – upgrade to iTunes Plus
Part 5 – burn remaining songs to MP3
Part 6 – rename files
Part 7 – trust but verify
Part 8 – conclusion

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