Windows, iTunes, iPod, and Linux can coexist (part 7)

Before deleting the DRM-ed files in your collection, give all your newly burned MP3s a listen from beginning to end.  In my experience, over 99% of the burns were good to go, but there was one skip or human error in a long while that I chose to go back and re-burn.

After I finished this step, I did actually delete the DRM-ed files in my collection to avoid duplicates, and to eliminate the hassle of having a partially DRM-ed collection.

Part 1 – introduction
Part 2 – stop buying DRM music
Part 3 – initial backup
Part 4 – upgrade to iTunes Plus
Part 5 – burn remaining songs to MP3
Part 6 – rename files
Part 7 – trust but verify
Part 8 – conclusion

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