Windows, iTunes, iPod, and Linux can coexist (part 8)

I feel much better about buying from the iTunes Store than I did before I went down this path.  I’m no longer “locked in” to Apple as my sole source for purchasing music, but I will continue to buy music there as long as their iTunes Store maintains compelling usability.  I’d use iTunes Store over amazonmp3 on the Linux side, too, if Apple would develop a Linux version.  Actually, a Linux version would be less of a technical stretch for Apple than a Windows version, but I’m no more interested in Apple rants than I am in DRM rants.

Windows-iTunes-iPod-Rhythmbox-Kubuntu music loop

Windows-iTunes-iPod-Rhythmbox-Kubuntu music loop

I purchase music from both the iTunes Store (Windows side) and amazonmp3 (Linux side).  I continually maintain two source copies of my music collection – one on my WinXP machine, and one on my iPod in a “MusicBackup” folder.  I don’t count the iTunes-synched version of my music collection on my iPod as a source backup, because iTunes strips away the useful directory structure and song naming.  However, the iTunes-synched version of the collection is obviously useful for direct iPod usage, and it’s also directly playable (with artist/album/song meta information) in Rhythmbox on the Linux side.

The key to making all this work was eliminating DRM from my music collection.  I hope you found this guide helpful.

Part 1 – introduction
Part 2 – stop buying DRM music
Part 3 – initial backup
Part 4 – upgrade to iTunes Plus
Part 5 – burn remaining songs to MP3
Part 6 – rename files
Part 7 – trust but verify
Part 8 – conclusion

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