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that pesky “endless mantra” of fiscal responsibility

Here’s Senator Steinberg to Senator Sam Aanestad, R-Penn Valley, who took issue with the public being excluded from recent California state budget deliberations:

And I wish to God that you could deviate just a little bit from your philosophy, from this endless mantra of no new revenue, no new revenue ever…

I've got a small violin going for California Senator Darrell Steinberg...

I've got a small violin going for California Senator Darrell Steinberg...

Yeah, I see where you’re coming from, Senator Steinberg.  There’s been way too much of this “no new revenue” nonsense flying around recently.  I can fully appreciate your frustration.  [Okay, okay, let me find the off switch for this sarcasm-whirligig before it throws a lug nut…]

Jack’s not buyin’ what they’re sellin’

Harrison “Jack” Schmitt (Apollo 17 astronaut) doesn’t subscribe to the New Science hubris school of human-caused global warming.

Harrison Schmitt

Harrison Schmitt

Despicable Senators

The vote is not quite over, but the turncoats have ensured that it’s a mere formality at this point:

Senator Arlen Specter
Senator Olympia Jean Bouchles Snowe McKernan
Senator Susan Margaret Collins

In response to your votes on today’s Economic Stimulus bill, American conservatives invite you to leave the Republican Party.  Each of you is a complete disgrace to the GOP.

Jack Pelton gets it

Kudos to Jack Pelton, the CEO of Cessna, who’s showing the courage not to sprint off the zero-sum cliff with the rest of the economic know-nothings.  Make no mistake, the control freaks advocating curbed use of business jets are either environmental extremists, anti-capitalist zealots, or both.

a CEO with courage

a CEO with courage

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