Jack Pelton gets it

Kudos to Jack Pelton, the CEO of Cessna, who’s showing the courage not to sprint off the zero-sum cliff with the rest of the economic know-nothings.  Make no mistake, the control freaks advocating curbed use of business jets are either environmental extremists, anti-capitalist zealots, or both.

a CEO with courage

a CEO with courage

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  1. tim1000l on

    That is the truth!!! more people need to realize this fact, Washington is to busy demonizing business jets to realize that they are valuable tools (tools that the people in Washington routinely use)
    Check out some of my blogs on this at http://tim1000l.wordpress.com/

  2. Dave Smith on

    Keep up the good work, Tim. I really like your attitude, and I hope you make it through the downturn. Folks, make sure to check out Tim’s post “Layoffs (Cessna and in general)”. Here’s my favorite quote from this article:

    “[…] best to just keep your head down and put out as much good work as you can. Create good relationships with your co-workers and people both above and below you on the food chain, as the case may be. Become technically skilled in areas that will benefit your company in your current position. Look for ways to improve both your skill set and the processes you use day to day.”

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