Despicable Senators

The vote is not quite over, but the turncoats have ensured that it’s a mere formality at this point:

Senator Arlen Specter
Senator Olympia Jean Bouchles Snowe McKernan
Senator Susan Margaret Collins

In response to your votes on today’s Economic Stimulus bill, American conservatives invite you to leave the Republican Party.  Each of you is a complete disgrace to the GOP.

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  1. Ann's New Friend on

    I’m all for anyone voting their conscience. But I hope they like what they’ve created. They ought to be bragging on all the provisions of this bill since it’s going to divert the Second Great Depression. (I wonder why they aren’t bragging? Hmmm)

    Rush Limbaugh was right. If the bill is so great, they should have let Obama hog it. However, when the details are revealed at least there’s only three Republicans to blame — all of whom will perhaps be former Senate Republicans by then.

  2. Dave Smith on

    Ann’s New Friend – I’m unable to give Senator Specter the “voting his conscience” benefit of the doubt. Check out this video of Arlen Specter speaking to Megyn Kelly. How he reconciles these comments with an “Aye” vote takes more patience than I’ve got:

    “Why the rush? Why are we wedded to (uh) February 13th? We have not followed regular order […] We’ve never had hearings on this bill […] We are rushing to judgment […] I have protested about […] Listen, this legislation is a bitter pill to swallow […] Whose-ever idea it is, it’s a bad idea, and we’ll get it corrected. I just wish we could correct a lot of other things, too”

  3. Ann's New Friend on

    You’re absolutely right. I just hope the GOP in the states of these three Senators will vote it’s conscience and boot them out come primary time.

  4. galen hieb on

    As a conservative I believe there’s only one hope for the GOP. Excommunicate these three fools. I only have disgust for any of them, and this certainly is not the first time.

    Why […] would I or any other conservative thinking patriot of this great country donate one single dime to these [donkeys] – no pun intended

  5. Dave Smith on

    I completely agree. When even John McCain can see it’s generational theft, then I can’t see a single reason to keep these three clowns in the party. Karl Rove-ish targeted marketing (i.e., keeping ’em around simply because they happen to be Nor’easter “GOP” senators) is no reason at all. That’s followship, not leadership.

    They need to go.

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