Linux-friendly audiobook mp3 downloads

(UPDATE 2009-09-23): has outstanding technical support if you ever have trouble with your downloads.

Today I found my Linux audiobook solution. allows paying for and downloading audiobooks in MP3 format. No annoying proprietary client-side app required. Books purchased in the past are available for later re-download from my LearnOutLoud account if I need them. Wow, it’s so nice not to be treated like a common criminal! Thanks very much, LearnOutLoud.

they don't treat their customers like criminals

their customers aren't criminals

So I’m now officially a former iTunes Store customer. And I used to be a loyal one. I wrote an 8 part series last year about how to make the iTunes Store cooperate with Linux and an old iPod. But then Apple planted a bunch of doubt in my mind about DRM, and I eventually jumped ship and only bought music from Amazon’s MP3 store.  And then I discovered that (iTunes Store’s only option for audiobooks, last time I checked) was completely wrapped in DRM.  Good grief, I just stopped bothering.  I had no option at all for audiobooks, and that was painful.

Linux buddies of mine told me to just buy audiobook MP3 CDs, and copy those over to my MP3 player.  But that sounded painful, too – I gave up messing with discs of any kind years ago now.

It’s nice to have an option again.

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