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the looming cap and trade disaster

My letter du jour to Congressman Griffith:

Dear Congressman Griffith,

I applaud your vote against the Cap and Trade bill in this morning’s “test vote”.  It’s a massive tax hike/power grab based on pure pseudoscience.

I would request that you not only vote against this bill when it comes to a live vote, but also speak out strongly in a leadership role against it.

We Americans are growing very weary of these supposed “emergency” bills that must be rushed to vote right now or else.  We’re not being given reasonable time to review the text of these voluminous bills.  I suspect our representatives have no time to truly digest them, either.

Vote NO, lead NO on cap and trade.


Dave K. Smith
Huntsville, AL

hmm, weren’t we free to join unions before?

My letter to Congressman Parker Griffith:

Congressman Griffith,

Please vote NO on the euphemistically named Employee Free Choice Act (aka Card Check).  Americans do not need to be strong armed into joining unions.  Misguided unions destroyed GM with their power to drive the company to a globally uncompetitive position.  Exporting that failure to the rest of our economy accomplishes nothing.

America doesn’t have “little guys”.  We don’t want or need faceless unions to stand up for us.  We stand up for ourselves.

I will be watching your votes very carefully on repressive power grabs like this one that seem to be all the rage in Washington, DC these days.  I will work diligently against those members who support such attacks on our cherished freedoms.


Dave K. Smith
Huntsville, AL

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