Kubuntu Jaunty, WPA-PSK wireless, SSID broadcast disabled, now working

I made a clean install of Kubuntu Jaunty (9.04) last week, and had some trouble getting wireless networking to work.  This post explains my current working configuration.

OS configuration:
kernel: 2.6.28-13-generic
wpasupplicant: 0.6.6-2ubuntu1
network-manager: 0.7.1~rc4.1.cf199a964-0ubuntu2
plasma-widget-network-manager: 0.0+svn966653-0ubuntu0.1

Router configuration:
Linksys WRT54GS ver. 6
Firmware version: v1.50.6, Feb 17 2006
Wireless Network Mode: G-Only
SSID Broadcast: Disable
Security Mode: WPA Personal
WPA Algorithm: TKIP

Steps to connect:

  1. Network Management dialog showing that the connection I want doesn’t exist yet.  (Note: adding my connection information directly via this dialog box does NOT work):
  2. Click on the plasma networking icon, make sure wireless is enabled, and click on “Connect to hidden network” (recall my router doesn’t broadcast its SSID):
  3. Textbox for entering a hidden SSID appears:
  4. Type in hidden SSID name, hit Enter:
  5. Enter network security details in dialog that pops up.  In my configuration, “Connect automatically” doesn’t work – whether or not this box is checked is a dontcare for these instructions.  I currently have to manually repeat all these steps on each login:
  6. KDE Wallet Service requests a password:
  7. After entering password, rotating connecting icon appears on the plasma panel:
  8. After a few seconds, connected icon appears:

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