Senator Landrieu: vote no on HCR

As I write this, Senator Landrieu (D, LA) is still expressing willingness to do a deal for her vote on health care power grab.

U.S. Senator Mary Landrieu

Here’s the letter I just sent her:

Dear Senator Landrieu,

I respectfully encourage you to urgently reconsider the post at the top of your website.  The health care bill is obviously “imperfect” as all bills written by mere mortals are.  But Americans overwhelmingly disagree with your assertion that it “takes many important steps towards repairing our broken health care system.”

A huge majority of Americans know that this bill has nothing to do with fixing our health care system.  Who in our massive Federal bureaucracy would be qualified to make any improvements at all to health care?  The US Government’s dismal track record in the health care industry renders this question rhetorical.

Please see this bill for what it clearly is:  an unwelcome power grab by our Federal Government to restrict individual freedom.

Senator, please remember what all of our great nation’s finest have fought and died for throughout our great history:  liberty.  We do not authorize you to take that liberty away.  We certainly do not authorize you to sell that liberty by “pressing for aid for Louisiana.”

This is not a business-as-usual vote.  If you vote in support of this severely unconstitutional power grab, I will combine my efforts with other like-minded Americans to seek your defeat at the ballot box in 2014.

We will be watching your vote very carefully.  Do not expect us to forget.  Do not sell your vote for any price.  Vote no on the health care bill tomorrow.


Dave K. Smith
Huntsville, AL

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