Senator Nelson: vote no on cloture

On his website, Senator Ben Nelson (D-NE) emphasizes that he has only decided to vote to open debate on health care reform.

U.S. Senator Ben Nelson

Senator, we will be watching your vote on cloture to end the debate tomorrow very carefully.  Here’s the letter I just sent to Senator Nelson:

Dear Senator Nelson,

I respectfully take you at your word that you are only voting to proceed with debate on health care reform. I strongly urge you to vote “no” on any vote for cloture to end debate on this issue tomorrow, or any time soon.

Americans support common sense health care reform. We do not support throwing the baby out with the bath water. We do not support massive social experiments that have a high risk of causing harm. We know that the U.S. Federal Government’s track record in the health care industry hardly recommends it for even a moderately expanded role.

Senator, when you consider this hugely important decision tomorrow, do not give away our hard earned freedoms lightly. Remember our Nation’s greatest, who have given their lives for the past two centuries for the great cause of liberty. Do not treat this as a run of the mill “this for that” bill. Please do not trade support for this bill for some short-lived regional gain for Nebraska. Know that a majority of Americans see this bill for what it truly is: an unconstitutional power grab at the Federal level.

On your Health Care Reform 2009 page, you are quoted as saying “I’m for health care reform this year…” Senator, please ask yourself why there is such a rush in Washington to push through a bill late on a Saturday night before Thanksgiving 2009 that won’t even take effect until 2013? We are not “obstructionists” – but we do grow extremely weary of every bill needing the urgent, gotta-get-it-done-right-now treatment. We’ve had to swallow quite a few of those in recent months.

I urgently request that you vote “no” on tomorrow’s cloture vote to end debate on the health care bill. In the longer term, I ask that you buck the trend of a Federal solution for everything. That approach continues to fail miserably for our country, again and again.


Dave K. Smith
Huntsville, AL

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