Ron Paul’s problems are deeper than foreign policy

The common apology goes something like this:  Ron Paul is a foreign policy loon, but he’s solid on other Constitutional issues.  I think that take is too generous.

U.S. Congressman Ron Paul


On Jay Leno, Friday, December 16, Paul said the following of Michele Bachmann:  “She doesn’t like Muslims.  She hates Muslims.  She hates them.  She wants to go get them.”

Paul often spouts the “Why do you think people hate us?” line.  That makes him different from the conspiracy fringe left’s Blame America First crowd how, again?

Paul believes that there’s “no evidence that [Iran is] working on a weapon”, and that “a policy of peace [with Iran] is free trade. Stay out of their internal business.”  Regarding terrorists (same as prior link), Paul says “I thought our courts recognized that you had to be tried.”  Under which section of the Constitution, Congressman Paul, are self-proclaimed enemies of the state afforded trial rights in our courts?

In the December 15th debate, Paul said “You’re trying to dramatize this that we have to go and treat Iran like we’ve treated Iraq and kill a million Iraqis”.  Now wait a minute, Congressman Paul.  You’d have us believe that the USA, in this modern era of precision weapons has killed a number of Iraqis that would be 1/5th the rough number of Jews that Hitler killed in Europe in WWII?  And who’s dramatizing, sir?

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