throwaway “electability”

Dr. Milton R. Wolf wrote a solid piece on the Mitt Romney electability myth at the Washington Times on December 1st.  Ben Shapiro did a stronger job exploring the “why?” question on Townhall on October 5th regarding Romnelectability.  I’m very concerned that the GOP establishment would choose defeating the Tea Party over defeating Obama.  Shapiro writes “While the so-called GOP opinion leaders wax on about how super-electable [Romney] is, they fail to recognize that it is precisely that logic that gave us the unelectable John McCain.”

Please, fellow conservatives.  How many times do we need to re-learn the lesson that Democrate-lite doesn’t win?  When you hear someone lazily crown Romney as most electable, challenge with a simple question:  why?   This Presidential election is far too important to nominate a Rockefeller Republican.

Nelson Rockefeller, 41st Vice President of the United States

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