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Making past bad Presidents look good

Setting an end date to this war is popular and he did it for the express purpose of talking about it during this election, but it doesn’t mean we are safer.

via State of the Union: Paragraphs 1 – 5.

I couldn’t agree more. And could there be anything more vile than cheapening the commitment and enormous sacrifice of countless Americans and their families? For what, some quick election year points? This President is a disgrace beyond all past bad Presidents.

Hey Val Gal – Really?

This lame “really?” quip still spouted by the cool kids completely drives me insane.  It’s totally “so 29 years ago.”  The AT&T commercials that milk this line in joke after “joke” (er, ice-pick-in-the-eye repetition) have worn it out long ago.  Like.

Ice Princess Pelosi the Honorless

While name-calling, personal smears and threats are staples of the Democrat playbook when losing the argument on any given issue, or an election, Pelosi again is peddling the threat with impunity.

via Pelosi Palooza: Veiled Threat Against Gingrich.

a human devoid of honor

How dishonorable Pelosi’s grandstanding is this week!  It’s impossible to argue that she has the best interests of our country in her heart.  If she (A) has damaging information on Newt yet times its release, or (B) is simply lying, both of these reaffirm her as a detestable hack who represents no one beyond herself and her cadre of leftist elites.

Don’t know Saul?

No worries, you will.

Saul Alinsky (via Wikipedia)

“The real question this year is whether this generation of Americans can be duped into trashing the greatest, most prosperous, most successful nation in the history of the world, for a retrograde Marxist vision that thoroughly failed throughout the last century, and which the rest of the world has learned through hard experience is confused to the point of practical silliness.” ~Peter Ferrara

Calm down, Ann

Ann Coulter is not happy about South Carolina last weekend.

“I am pretty sure we’ll get everyone who voted for McCain — since no one voted for McCain because we liked McCain — it was to stop Obama.” – Ann, surely you’re not arguing for 2008 as the GOP success model?  Many of us held our noses and voted for the next guy in line (made slightly more palatable because Palin was on the ticket), and that lack of enthusiastic support resulted directly in 4 solid years of wanton destruction of the country we love so dearly.  So no ma’am – you will not “get everyone” [emphasis mine] simply because you’re siding with the GOP machine that’s desperately trying to give us our marching orders.

“I think South Carolina is going back to its Democratic roots” – So Ann, supporters of Newt are now old-style Democrats?  Look, we’re not arguing that Newt is the purest of conservatives – that’s your strawman, not ours.  Are you arguing that Mitt is?  There are a lot of us out here not buying it.  You’re not giving equivalent scrutiny to the guy you’re supporting.

If Romney’s so rock solid, then what’s all this rush about?  Give conservative Americans in many states the chance to pick our guy.  We resent your ongoing scolding lecture.

We are not a football team

(hat tip Minus the Bear’s awesome tune for article title)

Will we allow propaganda hacks, the GOP establishment, Ann Coulter, and Karl Rove to prop up the next man in line, just because we’re too afraid to be aligned with the losing guy at the buzzer?  Remember, propaganda hacks will gleefully jump ship the instant all other GOP contenders are gone, no matter who the nominee is.  C’mon folks, we’re not lap dogs, and we’re talking about our country here, not your fantasy football league.

character destruction on parade

Look at that Real Clear Politics graph, and stop me when you’ve heard this tune before:

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Surprise! Johnny’s fat & lazy!

  • Johnny’s a “plus size”, so Ma Gov’t must hawk over his trans fat intake.
  • Ma Gov’t serves only revolting rot in Indocrination Middle’s cafeteria.  Johnny won’t eat it, and I don’t blame him.
  • Johnny can’t have PE/recess at school, because (pick one):
  1. Ma Gov’t has test standards to achieve so that she can simultaneously congratulate herself when it’s time for more funding, and belly button gaze (soon to be followed by more funding demands) when her robots (er, students) don’t measure up to any global excellence standards.
  2. There’s a possibility Johnny won’t win the barbaric game, and when Johnny loses, everyone loses.  Better to disallow play.
  3. Tenured Tina has Facebook work to do, and its [above 61 degrees | below 59 degrees | generally not California weather] outside.
  4. Class Bully Charles misbehaved, so the whole class will pay this week (and Facebook will be updated).  What better way to handle a bully than to keep him inside with no outlet and no consequences, Ma always says.
  • Johnny’s parents don’t know what’s best for him, so Ma Gov’t will raise him.
  • Since sweat shops existed in 1910, Johnny can’t have a job until he’s 26.
  • Ma Gov’t systematically sucking the hope and creativity out of Johnny bears no resemblance whatsoever to the sweat shops of 1910.  Ma knows best.
  • Johnny can’t ever work a real job.  We have potential Democratic voters… er, I mean illegal aliens for that (the language police drill Johnny to call them “undocumented workers,” and he must demonstrate appropriate remorse for his shameful discrimination against them).
  • Johnny is an American, so (propaganda alert) there are “certain jobs Johnny won’t do.”
  • Johnny’s not old enough to have kids of his own yet, but Ma Gov’t is already destroying his kids’ financial futures (with Johnny’s parents at the end of a sword) just the same.

Bain is not the boogie man

Please, GOP and conservatives: attack Mitt Romney for his legitimate weaknesses, but let’s not arrange in a circular firing squad over capitalism and free markets!  Bain Capital is not the problem.  Class warfare is the problem.  Cronyism is the problem.  “Too big to fail” is the problem.  But honestly, do you believe that workers should never be fired, under any conditions? That when workers are fired, there’s some evil fat cat to blame?

not evil

If you believe any of these things, you’re in dire economic need of brushing up on your Henry Hazlitt.

Ineptitude? No, no, “technology”!

Whenever you hear a politician spout “technology” in the same breath as “education”, take care not to kick your dog in frustration.  “Technology” is a ruse in the halls of indoctrination, a diversion to deflect taxpaying citizens’ attention away from obnoxious levels of waste.  It’s a manifestation of a deep lack of effort spent in actually educating kids.  A mask for refusal to ever tackle deep cancers in education, such as disallowed school mobility, government labor unions run amok, and ever spiraling budgets.

“Technology” is rot for ribbon cutting ceremonies, for throwaway talking points dropped by politicians with an image to maintain.  But when the rubber meets the road, the term actually means 9th grade honor students being forced to endure an entire semester to “learn” Microsoft Word while the teacher works her Facebook page in the front of the room.

The UK shoots itself in the foot in similar fashion.  And this is how we expect to train globally competitive adults?

What cost overruns?

Crystal Bonvillian (Twitter @cbonvillianHT) wrote on Dec 18, 2011 that Superintendent Casey Wardynski (LinkedIn) is aiming to put “some polish on the district.”  She reports that Mayor Tommy Battle supports Wardynski’s efforts:

“We want to do everything we can to put the ‘wow factor’ back in our schools” ~Mayor Battle

more pretty, pretty won't fix this failed school

Good grief, as if “wow factor” is what our indoctrination system is missing.  Once again, not a word in the article about spending discipline, recent cost overruns, or how the countless $millions mentioned line up against an overall budget.  Wake up, North Alabama.  Technology, physical structures, bloated bureaucratic overhead, and endless red ink are not our education solution.

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