Ineptitude? No, no, “technology”!

Whenever you hear a politician spout “technology” in the same breath as “education”, take care not to kick your dog in frustration.  “Technology” is a ruse in the halls of indoctrination, a diversion to deflect taxpaying citizens’ attention away from obnoxious levels of waste.  It’s a manifestation of a deep lack of effort spent in actually educating kids.  A mask for refusal to ever tackle deep cancers in education, such as disallowed school mobility, government labor unions run amok, and ever spiraling budgets.

“Technology” is rot for ribbon cutting ceremonies, for throwaway talking points dropped by politicians with an image to maintain.  But when the rubber meets the road, the term actually means 9th grade honor students being forced to endure an entire semester to “learn” Microsoft Word while the teacher works her Facebook page in the front of the room.

The UK shoots itself in the foot in similar fashion.  And this is how we expect to train globally competitive adults?

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  1. tmsmiffs on

    I think the entire MS Office suite could be taught to a 9th grade honor student in less than a week. Word and PowerPoint: one 45 minute class / lab with no homework. Excel: one 45 minute class / lab with a 30/60 minute assignment related to personal finance (i.e. loan amortization schedule, budget, etc). And then one 45 minute class, either on the front side of the week or at the end, to explain how bloated these products are, and also how you will never use Outlook until you are employed, and to wait until then to worry about the only feature you will use: rules and alerts. Access would be mentioned as a product not to use. Visio may be the only MS Office product worth spending more than a day on.

    The educational paradigm in general is quite sad. If you want to inspire kids to learn computers and technology MS Office is the absolute last place to start.

    Note: I used MS Word to spell check this comment. Spell check is the only reason I use MS Word.

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