Mitt salts the fields

If Mitt’s so darned electable (I’m not buying it), then why did he need to resort to this in Florida?

“[Mitt] had no reason to ask for folks to vote for him, and thus he did not invest much to do so.  The scorched earth of Florida will in no way, shape or form resemble any other state let alone the General Election.  The carpet bombing of Iowa and Florida would simply cost way too much money to duplicate nationally.” ~C. Edmund Wright, on American Thinker

Mitt in Paradise Valley, AZ, Dec 6, 2011 (picture by Gage Skidmore)

Congratulations on your win last night in Florida, Mitt.  And please accept my November condolences in advance if we’re fool enough to pick you as our GOP nominee.

(Thanks also to C. Edmund Wright for the idea on the title to this post.)

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