not Mitt’s moment

Romney congratulated Rick Santorum on his good day.  He quickly changed the subject to Obama.  Standard fare, to be expected from a politician who wants to put a day’s big losses behind him.  But why did he willingly adopt Obama’s vapid style, and even his 2008 language?

he even dipped from the "hope" well in this speech

“This is a moment in time when our country is crying out for fundamental change and reform.”

C’mon, Mitt! This is our moment … for change? And you’re the slam dunk frontrunner who’s going to lead the GOP to victory over Obama? We didn’t buy this rot from Obama even before we grew mind numbingly sick of listening to it!

“Washington cannot reform itself, and Washington will never be reformed by those who have been compromised by the culture of Washington. This is a clear choice. I am the only person in this race, Republican or Democrat who has never served a day of time in Washington.”

Mitt, your campaign told the press tonight that this would be your big strategy over the next few weeks. Your hard-hitting response to Santorum’s surge – this is it? That you’ve never served in Washington? We’re not fools, Mr. Romney.  Your platitudes don’t hide your lack of a well-conceived, principled conservative vision. But even in this 10 minute speech, Mitt wasn’t done:

“It’s that Washington that we have to change, and when I’m President, we will.”

Yes. We. Can. Yawn.

“This is not a moment when we can continue to do business as usual […] This is a time for real change in Washington. Fundamental, bold, dramatic change.”

Mr. Romney, these key elements of your speech tonight are indistinguishable from countless Obama speeches.  This differentiates you from him not at all.  And that is why you inspire us not at all.

(Hat tip @cspanvl for archiving Mitt Romney’s speech tonight)

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  1. Mr. Man on

    Romney is a Progressive Conservative…A democratic republican. He’s not confused at all. By the way, Santorum is doing great with the conservative base…good for him. Too bad for him, to gain the presidency, one must be appealing from right to left. His views are way to conservative for America general….Maybe you should put your money on Romney…At least he’s extremely malleable.

  2. dksmiffs on

    “Romney is a Progressive Conservative”

    A wha…? Gesundheit, I guess.

    “to gain the presidency, one must be appealing from right to left.”

    That’s news to me. Could you name one recent President who illustrates this view?

    “Romney…At least he’s extremely malleable.”

    Oh, that’s just too rich. Because all the true greats in history are best remembered for their malleability, right? Second time today, I know you can do better.

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