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two offended persons walk into a bar…

I haven’t agreed with much of anything Ann Coulter has said recently.  However, her two Tweets on the “offensive” (gasp!) De Niro joke are right on the money:

(20 Mar) Can we please stop the fake “offended” routine? Pls explain what was allegedly offensive about DeNiro’s joke.
(20 Mar) It’s always a bad idea to imitate liberals. RT @TPCarney It’s just conservatives trying to get offended [like] liberals always get.

So save the outrage, Michelle Obama spokesperson and Newt Gingrich.  Apology unnecessary, Robert De Niro.  Lighten up, folks – at least read and comprehend the joke first.

I haul your garbage out of the woods

I’m a conservative far right nutjob who loves mountain biking, and who (actually) cares about the environment beyond vapid bumper stickers.  (Whoa!  Put that in your water pipe and smoke it.)  I already carry a heavy pack, but when I come across your garbage on the trails, I stop and haul it out, Leave No Trace style.

Come to think of it, I sure do wish the CF Party would take a hint and start practicing Leave No Trace governance.

CF Party

As a recovered control freak, I fancy myself somewhat of an expert on the subject of control freakdom. Until it mends its ways, I’ll call the Democratic Party what it really is: the CF Party. You know, control freak, charlie foxtrot, clust… well, you get the point.

new Democratic Party logo, same control freak donkeys

new logo, same donkeys

O’Shaughnessy sunset

Yesterday evening at O’Shaughnessy Point on Monte Sano, I hopped off my bike to appreciate the moment.  I lingered until just past the sunset of an unseasonably warm day, but pending darkness beckoned after that.  3.5 riding miles through pleasantly cooling woods remained back to the truck, with only fading twilight for navigation.  The Bankhead overlook over the Sinks onto Stone Cuts sounded quieter than usual, with muted greyish purple pre-Spring trees to match.  Rounding the bend down Old Bankhead, the city lights north towards Moores Mill Road were equally breathtaking.  The evening and seasonal timing were perfect.

O'Shaughnessy Point mountain biking sunset

there's no place like home

control freaks, divide!

Queue the elitist drone:

Don’t waste your vote. The time has come to… If you don’t jump on the bandwagon now, we’re risking… We need to get behind the electable candidate… There’s no mathematical way… He’s not the most conservative candidate in the race, but… He’s the only candidate who can beat O…

Oh, save your breath already. I’m an informed voter, and I think just fine for myself, thank you. Leave the control freak crapola to the Democrat Party. They’re better at it than you’ll ever be. You’re asking me not to vote my conscience, and instead fall in line with your Karl Rove-ish architectural (*cough*) “genius”? Who elected you more American than I? Why should your vote count more than mine? Sorry, I’m just not as wowed by your superior intellect as you seem to be. Look left if your oversized ego craves the false religion of intelligentsia worship.

Conservatism wins on substance. RINO “lib light” loses every time it’s tried. You worry about your vote – I’ve got mine covered.

national focus guilt

Although born the same year as I, Andrew Breitbart earned his general officer stars, while I am but a (figurative) second lieutenant.  We strive to “take our country back”, beyond peeling and applying the hypocritical bumper sticker.  We each have limited time, from both daily and lifetime perspectives.  So I feel guilt as I often look past the local horizon and spend my time and modest earnings on national concerns.  I don’t deserve that audience, and there are plenty of problems closer to home worthy of attention.  But as I consider it carefully now, perhaps our nation was jolted from slumber in 2008, and we furiously engage in sleepless triage as untrained medics learning our trade and making mistakes on the fly.

"Need some triage?"

We’re desperate to keep our beloved nation alive, and she’s not out of the woods yet.  If we succeed in that short term exertion, I long for the day that we can exhale, rest peacefully for a couple of days, and reset with a longer term, less urgent view closer to home.

Humans are mere cost – take Sebelius, for example

Being a radical leftist must be horribly depressing.  Whether one hates all humanity or arrogantly deems himself above the unwashed masses makes little difference.  His pathetic machinations will be quickly forgotten on the ash heap of endless past tyrants.  True greatness requires qualities that he never did, and never will possess.

Secretary of Sunk Cost

According to temporary political hack HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, humans are nothing more than “estimated cost.”  Sebelius must be bitter over her intimate personal knowledge of existing as nothing but sunk cost to tens of millions of greater Americans who carry her dead weight.  May I remind Secretary Superfluous:

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A: Romney. Q: Why?

Conservatives have been asking for months “why Romney?”  @marklevinshow has been effectively hammering the point all week, giving Romney supporters ample call time to support their case.  Such calls have been painful listening (caller:  “um, it says here I should say Olympics… private sector… electable… I know he’s not a perfect conservative, but did you notice his perfect hair?… did I mention electable yet?”)  Mark nailed it in his opening monologue last night:

  • Romney tied Santorum in delegates in Michigan
  • Romney had the full weight of the GOP machine behind him in Michigan
  • Romney outspent Santorum 6:1 in Michigan
  • Michigan is one of Romney’s home states
  • Romney beat Santorum in Michigan in 2012 by a much slimmer margin than he beat McCain in Michigan in 2008
  • Romney will not be able to outspend Obama, so on what substance will he run during the general election?

The GOP elite (pardon the hairball) drones on that The Answer is Romney.  I thought Allen Iverson owned that moniker, but I digress.  We conservatives still have our questions:  why so desperate?  What’s the rush?

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