A: Romney. Q: Why?

Conservatives have been asking for months “why Romney?”  @marklevinshow has been effectively hammering the point all week, giving Romney supporters ample call time to support their case.  Such calls have been painful listening (caller:  “um, it says here I should say Olympics… private sector… electable… I know he’s not a perfect conservative, but did you notice his perfect hair?… did I mention electable yet?”)  Mark nailed it in his opening monologue last night:

  • Romney tied Santorum in delegates in Michigan
  • Romney had the full weight of the GOP machine behind him in Michigan
  • Romney outspent Santorum 6:1 in Michigan
  • Michigan is one of Romney’s home states
  • Romney beat Santorum in Michigan in 2012 by a much slimmer margin than he beat McCain in Michigan in 2008
  • Romney will not be able to outspend Obama, so on what substance will he run during the general election?

The GOP elite (pardon the hairball) drones on that The Answer is Romney.  I thought Allen Iverson owned that moniker, but I digress.  We conservatives still have our questions:  why so desperate?  What’s the rush?

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