control freaks, divide!

Queue the elitist drone:

Don’t waste your vote. The time has come to… If you don’t jump on the bandwagon now, we’re risking… We need to get behind the electable candidate… There’s no mathematical way… He’s not the most conservative candidate in the race, but… He’s the only candidate who can beat O…

Oh, save your breath already. I’m an informed voter, and I think just fine for myself, thank you. Leave the control freak crapola to the Democrat Party. They’re better at it than you’ll ever be. You’re asking me not to vote my conscience, and instead fall in line with your Karl Rove-ish architectural (*cough*) “genius”? Who elected you more American than I? Why should your vote count more than mine? Sorry, I’m just not as wowed by your superior intellect as you seem to be. Look left if your oversized ego craves the false religion of intelligentsia worship.

Conservatism wins on substance. RINO “lib light” loses every time it’s tried. You worry about your vote – I’ve got mine covered.

2 comments so far

  1. tmsmiffs on

    I tried to click the like button more than once on this post. Very well said!

  2. Dave Smith on

    Thanks much. Just make sure to click on the “Like” button an odd number of times, and it’s all good đŸ˜‰

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