embrace that @#$%&! feeling

I had great talks with tmsmiffs and my Mom this past weekend.  The topic of extreme frustration with our reckless government came up again and again.  My point in these conversations was to express that I truly had no idea how to handle, digest, or respond to obvious existential threats to the country we love so much.  tmsmiffs proposed a wise line of thinking on the subject:  that frustration, that @#$%&! feeling that so many of us cope with on a daily basis – it’s actually a good thing.  It’s our shocked consciences complaining loudly as we collectively surrender our individual freedoms to unworthy tyrants.

Never forget the blood shed by our generation and many before to preserve our freedoms.  Will we turn our backs on them like so many mindless sheep?  No, we won’t – I strongly believe that.  Each of us must face our dear, ailing America with honor and virtue.  We each bring God-given talents to fight back.  We must apply those talents to best effect, and learn how to apply them better tomorrow.

We didn’t choose this fight.  But our children and grandchildren won’t forgive that excuse.

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