when climate liars get busted…

…they force their climate snake oil on easier targets:

urban planning utopia, softened by faceless eye candy in exchange for the duped man's dignity

"all sorts of people there, too" (like eye candy for Daddy in exchange for his dignity)

Impressive, you control freak, flat earth, scientific method denying, climate hoax lying liars: indoctrinating kids with your rot.  Have you utopians no shame at all?  Grow a shred of courage, and go pick on someone your own age, despite your disadvantaged-person-with-intelligence-deficiencies status.

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  1. tmsmiffs on

    Ask a liberal to define individual sovereignty and you’ll get a glossed over blank stare as they search their skull of mush for the answer. Unfortunately for all of us no one on the left has a clue.

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