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Liberals want a dead Constitution

Mark Levin has an amazing talent for illustrating simple truths that are plain to see, yet easy to miss. Case in point from one of his recent shows: surely you’ve heard a liberal yearn for their holy grail of a “living, breathing Constitution.” It never struck me this way before Mark said it, but a living, breathing Constitution (i.e. an infinitely, casually changeable one) is actually a dead Constitution, because the words cease to mean anything.

not living or breathing

As Mark eloquently put it, we are a living, breathing people guided by a well conceived, stable, foundational law of the land. A liberal newspeak constitution would never be worthy of such company.

we don’t care about education

Do you support spending more money to “fix” our education system, debt be darned?  Forbidding school choice?  Awarding tenure to chair warmers?  Empowering government teacher unions because sweat shops existed in the private sector in the early 1900’s?  How about lowering graduation standards to pad the stats and to protect the guilty (hat tip Richard F. Miniter at American Thinker)?  Legislating sledgehammer school calendar restrictions at the state level, ‘cuz that’ll fix it (#goodGrief)?  How about a nationally “elite” private HS excusing students on May Day, thereby showing solidarity for what? Indoctrinated dolts in the year the Occupy abomination was spawned? The good ol’ May Days celebrated by Marxists?

It’s not working folks, and you’ve run out of excuses.  Do you even care about educating our kids?  If so, you have a strange way of showing it.  From the University of Southern California’s Master of Arts in Teaching website (Feb 2011), the following infographic (to which I added some flair) paints a dismal picture.  The US outspends Finland by 37% per child.  Finland beats US by 15.6% in Math and by 15.1% in Science.  That’s inexcusably poor.

we outspend Finland by 37%, they outperform us by 15%

Cut the kimchi, folks.  Look your kid in the eye and be honest with her.  We just don’t care about educating her generation.

keep screamin’, lefties

Why do leftist anti-capitalist economic know-nothings shill for Obama in incoherent, dishonest anti-Bain tirades? To show their undying support for his “acidic Julia Crow politics.” (hat tip Christopher Chantrill at American Thinker).

To those Americans who retain a shred of common sense (again, hat tip Chantrill): Bain took over a failed unionized (What? Union failure? You don’t say!) KC steel plant in 1993, called it GST Steel (Argh! Faux rage from pseudo intellectuals! Did someone say “Halliburton”?), and invested “$100M into the company over ten years.” GST remained very lazily unionized (hat tip Katrina Trinko at National Review Online) during that period, and (surprise, surprise) Bain had to shut ‘er down in 2001.

Graffiti at GST Steel, image by Allyen E. Wilson III

Keep screamin’, lefties. It’s music to my ears. You’re a stronger asset in defeating Obama than Romney could ever be.

your kid is awesome

He truly is.  And it’s important that he play sports, but beware the hamster wheel of full-time elite sports programs.

buyer beware

Your kid’s future will not be filled with games.  And that applies more to him than it did to you, because we’ve allowed games to be played with his future.  So great, he can pass, catch, and shoot.  What else have you taught him?

Boundless Arrogance

I set off to address The Gay non-issue in this post, but when reading the O transcript, this delusional nugget (emphasis added) distracted me:

“When I think about — those soldiers or airmen or marines or — sailors who are out there fighting on my behalf

Your Highness perhaps, not mine

All Quiet on the Freedom Front

Even Alabamians surrender their freedoms willingly.  The state Republican government is succumbing to the temptation of do-gooder-ism, and is working on a statewide texting ban.  Because as we all know, we simply can’t survive on a daily basis without our state government coming to the rescue.

In an effort to regain power at the state level, Democrats will introduce their sure-to-impress 2014 Handshake with the Gullible.  All potential dastardly driver deeds will be banned to correct the severe lack of compassion shown by evil Republicans in the prior government:  sneezing, changing the radio station, checking the speedometer for any reason, telling jokes behind the wheel, laughing at passengers’ jokes, singing to “just the steering wheel”, clipping fingernails, applying makeup, sucking down Big Macs, flirting with drivers in other cars, flirting with passengers in other cars, hearing the phone ring, or honking for any reason.  All of these cause distraction, and distraction kills.  We’ll never get another Nickelback, but hey, sacrifices must be made.

Rep. Bleeding Heart Benny (D, Eva) is drafting an even stronger version of the bill which will outlaw dying behind the wheel.  Because dying kills.

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