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Happy 70th, Dad!

Happy 70th to Marshall’s and my wonderful Dad today. One of my first memories was him holding me up at the nursery window at the University of Virginia Hospital to meet my new brother – I distinctly remember declaring “We’ll keep him!” He mesmerized me at the dinner table with his invisible ball into the paper bag trick (I never did figure it out). In our youth, Dad took us on countless camping trips (much to Mom’s chagrin) along the Skyline Drive, where Marshall and I could ride bikes to our heart’s content (a love that endures for both of us). On a family trip up north, we stopped at a tourist spot (I believe it was Gravity Hill in PA) where the guide collected our fee and asked us to stop and put our car in neutral so it could “roll uphill”. Dad was spitting mad just a few seconds into the excursion, throwing the car back into drive and peeling away from that bleeping tourist trap!

Love you, Dad! Hapsy Birfsday!

Dad turned around the disfunctional Scout troop he inherited, and was my only Scoutmaster. He was tapped for OA before I was. He made sure that I stayed gainfully employed as a youth, whether that involved mowing our huge lawn or giving me “that job” working for his masonry company that solidified my desire to stay in school.

Dad has a work ethic that I can only aspire to. He was a tireless provider for our family, and sacrificed much to provide Marshall and me top-notch educations. He’s got a great sense of humor, and always has the grandkids and us in stitches. He’s flying home with Mom from California today from a visit with Marshall’s family, so safe travels! I’m looking forward to our trip together next month to bike the Virginia Creeper trail.

Happy Birthday, Dad. We love you very much!

Desperate? Guilty as charged.

Here’s a timely excerpt from the outstanding headline article over at American Thinker today by Geoffrey P. Hunt.  “Yes, we are desperate”:

Desperate to rescue a nation quickly devolving into an ungovernable economic catastrophe.  Desperate to repudiate a culture of  institutionalized dependency, where class envy substitutes for sweat equity.  Desperate to reclaim a society where individual achievement and initiative are admired, not punished.  Desperate to restore common decency in political discourse, where ideas triumph over ad hominems.  Desperate to avoid the “Road to Serfdom,” a looming certainty if Obama’s legacy prevails.

Root for Tony

Lloyd Marcus is rooting for the investor next door at American Thinker today. I’m with you, Lloyd. Please tell Tony there are a lot of us out here rooting for him, and please keep us posted on his progress.

Lloyd Marcus

Also, if you aren’t familiar with Lloyd, you’re missing one of my favorite American Thinker authors. Subscribe to Lloyd’s Facebook page, follow @LloydMarcus on Twitter, and read his blog. I just put his book on the top of my “to read” list. Go Lloyd, go Tony!

Communist dupes

Santa Cruz Bicycles has the “clever” Custom Color Choice Program logo up on their homepage, complete with Soviet-style artwork:

dumb nostalgia

Santa Cruz makes amazingly good bikes.  I had been looking forward to buying one for my midlife crisis as soon as I put a reasonable amount of miles on my Rumblefish to warrant the upgrade.  But just because Santa Cruz has misguided longing (caveat:  see their response below, even though I’m not buying it) for the good ol’ CCCP (which exterminated roughly 50 million human beings in the 20th century), I don’t suffer that same useful idiocy.  I will buy nothing from this company while it promotes such foolishness.

For those of you still open-minded enough to erase any notion of Soviet nostalgia, I recommend two excellent books:

  1. Dupes: How America’s Adversaries Have Manipulated Progressives for a Century“, by Paul Kengor (2010)
  2. Gulag: A History“, by Anne Applebaum (2003)

Update, 8/9/2012:  my brother received an email response to his complaint on this subject from Santa Cruz.  In part, it said

I think you may have misunderstood the underlying theme of this campaign.  It was not our intention to pay homage to, or make light of, the atrocities of the soviet communist regime, it was to parody the “CCCP” acronym by using it to mean the complete opposite of something it was previously associated with, a lack of choice.

In addition, they attached an earlier version of the artwork, which had a “much less subtle” tagline in the upper left hand side of the image:

ironic, right?

Parody?  I’m not buying it.  At best, this advertising campaign is in extremely poor taste.  By the logic given, why not name the campaign “Auschwitz!” with the implied tagline “Chill, brah!  We ain’t the Führer.  You get a choice!  LOLZ, don’t forget to dig the irony.”

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