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Git from source, no sudo


Need to update an old Git on RHEL 6.x without sudo, here are the instructions. Testing on CentOS VM.  Assume some old versions of the dependencies have already been installed on the target system.  Starting versions in VM environment:

Dependency Version
Automake 1.11.1
M4 1.4.13
Autoconf 2.63
curl 7.19.7
zlib assume not installed
openssl 1.0.1e-fips
libtool? – Might be required for expat build from source? assume not installed
expat assume not installed
libiconv really required?  Try without first
  • Without sudo, must build zlib from source (easy)
  • Same for expat
  • expat demands an updated version of Autoconf (because of “couldn’t open directory ‘m4′” error, or perhaps creating an empty “m4” subdir would’ve worked), which in turn recommends M4 v1.4.14 or later.
  • In building expat, get multiple “error: possibly undefined macro: AC_LIBTOOL_*” messages. From this guidance, need to install libtool

GCC from source, no sudo


Need a significant upgrade on a GCC/GNAT toolset in an environment without sudo permissions. Starting from this guidance. Starting versions (here’s a useful way to check):

Tool Version
GCC 4.7.4
G++ 4.7.4
GNU Make 3.8.1
GNU Bison 2.4.1
Flex 2.5.35
GNU GMP 4.3.1-7 (via rpm -qa)
GNU MPFR 2.4.1-6 (via rpm -qa)
GNU MPC not present?

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CentOS 6.x VirtualBox build

Windows 10 host, CentOS 6.9 guest, VirtualBox 5.1.30:


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