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2010 Republican Handshake with Alabama

Since some “Handshake” links from are now broken (as of October 23, 2012), see below for a full text capture of the 2010 Republican Handshake with Alabama from Also, here’s a PDF copy of the Handshake downloaded from also on October 23, 2012.

2010 Republican Handshake with Alabama

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safety net, my foot

Mark Levin welcomed Senator Jeff Sessions (AL) onto his July 19th show. Senator Sessions is currently investigating the Bush administration’s removal of the food stamp citizenship requirement in the early 2000’s. What floored me was Senator Sessions’ point that $800 billion has been torched on food stamps in the past 10 years.

Do-gooders call this a “safety net” (image hat tip  You and I get the bill at the point of a gun.

So I flat out don’t want to hear this “safety net” rot from you bleeding hearts. ~100 million taxpaying Americans paid ~$8,000 each for food stamps alone over the past decade?   And that’s only one out of umpteen wasteful Federal programs.  That is outrageously abusive spending that should insult all hardworking Americans.

a proud, determined mother

3 bobcats in broad daylight, a rare treat

The highlight of this morning’s 25 mile ride surprised me around 9:30am, on the back side of the fitness loop behind the Col Scott Fitness Center.  Momma bobcat stood firm in the middle of the trail, her two young closer to the tall grass and safety.  I stopped and eased off the bike, hoping to extract my camera from my pack in time.  She made a small but deliberate movement in my direction, but mostly stood tall.  Her young moved silently into cover, and while she gave me a long stare, she didn’t linger long enough for the photo shoot.  This shot from (minus the thick winter coat) comes closest to what she looked like. A magnificent animal.

we don’t care about education

Do you support spending more money to “fix” our education system, debt be darned?  Forbidding school choice?  Awarding tenure to chair warmers?  Empowering government teacher unions because sweat shops existed in the private sector in the early 1900’s?  How about lowering graduation standards to pad the stats and to protect the guilty (hat tip Richard F. Miniter at American Thinker)?  Legislating sledgehammer school calendar restrictions at the state level, ‘cuz that’ll fix it (#goodGrief)?  How about a nationally “elite” private HS excusing students on May Day, thereby showing solidarity for what? Indoctrinated dolts in the year the Occupy abomination was spawned? The good ol’ May Days celebrated by Marxists?

It’s not working folks, and you’ve run out of excuses.  Do you even care about educating our kids?  If so, you have a strange way of showing it.  From the University of Southern California’s Master of Arts in Teaching website (Feb 2011), the following infographic (to which I added some flair) paints a dismal picture.  The US outspends Finland by 37% per child.  Finland beats US by 15.6% in Math and by 15.1% in Science.  That’s inexcusably poor.

we outspend Finland by 37%, they outperform us by 15%

Cut the kimchi, folks.  Look your kid in the eye and be honest with her.  We just don’t care about educating her generation.

All Quiet on the Freedom Front

Even Alabamians surrender their freedoms willingly.  The state Republican government is succumbing to the temptation of do-gooder-ism, and is working on a statewide texting ban.  Because as we all know, we simply can’t survive on a daily basis without our state government coming to the rescue.

In an effort to regain power at the state level, Democrats will introduce their sure-to-impress 2014 Handshake with the Gullible.  All potential dastardly driver deeds will be banned to correct the severe lack of compassion shown by evil Republicans in the prior government:  sneezing, changing the radio station, checking the speedometer for any reason, telling jokes behind the wheel, laughing at passengers’ jokes, singing to “just the steering wheel”, clipping fingernails, applying makeup, sucking down Big Macs, flirting with drivers in other cars, flirting with passengers in other cars, hearing the phone ring, or honking for any reason.  All of these cause distraction, and distraction kills.  We’ll never get another Nickelback, but hey, sacrifices must be made.

Rep. Bleeding Heart Benny (D, Eva) is drafting an even stronger version of the bill which will outlaw dying behind the wheel.  Because dying kills.

Alabama April 24 GOP runoff results

(5/2) Paul Gattis reported that Joey Parker conceded to Eddie Sisk with no recount.

(4/26, 8a) Dale Jackson reported (from 32:45-36:40 in the podcast) that Joey Parker spoke to John Noel (Madison County GOP chair) and Tommy Ragland (Madison County Probate Judge), and requested a recount. Parker must pay for this recount, since initial count has him behind Eddie Sisk by more than 0.5%. The recount will be conducted by the Madison County GOP, both by machine and manually. According to Paul Gattis‘ & Nick Banaszak‘s reports, this recount will take place next Wednesday (May 2).

(4/24, later) Wade posted Birmingham-area and statewide results.

(9:02p) Paul Gattis reports that Eddie Sisk edged out Joey Parker by < 1%. Gattis also reports that Parker will ask for a recount given the current difference of 32 votes.

(8:54p) Brian LeCompte (@flashpointblog) says Joey Parker has a slight lead over Eddie Sisk with 88% reporting.

(8:53p) Amanda Gentle very graciously conceded on the Patty Demos 2012 Facebook page: “Congrats patty. Good luck in the general election you have my support 100%”

(updated 8:46p) AL GOP is posting statewide runoff election results.  It shows Twinkle Cavanaugh‘s lead widening (63%) over Chip Brown at the moment.

(8:35p) Chris Messervy appears to have won the Madison County District Judge seat in his race against Linda Coats, with 61.5% of the vote, and 86 of 94 precincts reporting, according to Brian Lawson.

(8:30p) Keith Clines reports that Patty Demos has a large lead (65%) over Amanda Gentle with half of the precincts reporting.

(4/24, 8:20p) Wade Kwon (@WadeOnTweets) says he’ll post Alabama primary results on later tonight.

Alabama does not have a revenue problem

Dr. Jess Brown was on Dale Jackson’s show this morning and was floating the idea in the 8:30-9a slot that Alabamians would soon demand that new sources of revenue (translation: higher taxes) be explored to keep basic services going.

Wrong answer. Yes, yes, I know that there’s the Alabama General Fund, and that only covers non-educational spending. But then there’s the all-important Kitchen Table fund, and any accounting smoke & mirrors beyond that is just insider baseball that frankly doesn’t sway us. The state continues building Taj Mahals to Mediocrity at the same old breakneck pace. The new Lee High School is another Construction Boondoggle for Taxpayer Wastage, but apparently even $46.5 million wasn’t enough. Just today we learned that this particular beautiful new indoctrination center needs its own prison fence, to the tune of an additional $600K.

Lee High School now needs a $600K security fence

Lee HS indoctrination center, now to be accented with prison fence

There is no revenue problem, Dr. Brown. There’s a spending problem.

Madison County Republican Runoff Forum

Thanks to the Madison County Young Republicans and the UAH College Republicans for hosting the GOP Runoff forum at UAH on Saturday night. Also thanks to Chip Brown and Twinkle Cavanaugh for making the trip up to Huntsville.

Madison County Young Republicans logo

I put together this voter’s guide over the past few weeks which summarizes information for all 8 candidates. Saturday night’s event illustrated that we have a crop of great candidates.  The event was a huge help in finalizing my personal voting choices:

a Scout is thrifty

Eagle Scout and U.S. Senator Jeff Sessions spoke at the Madison County Eagle Luncheon today at the Von Braun Center in Huntsville.

Eagle Scout and US Senator Jeff Sessions

Senator Sessions speaks at the Madison County Eagle Luncheon (photo by Bob Gathany, Huntsville Times)

As Ranking Member of the Budget Committee, Sessions compared expected Senate budget proceedings next week with wishful reminiscence to his Scouting days: “A Scout is thrifty…” Everyone in the room immediately understood the contrast he drew to our Federal Government today, which is anything but thrifty.

In fact, it strikes me as I write this tonight – modern statists and tyrants are nothing that Boy Scouts strive to be: “A Control Freak is neither trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean, nor reverent.”  Give me more Boy Scout leaders any day.

O’Shaughnessy sunset

Yesterday evening at O’Shaughnessy Point on Monte Sano, I hopped off my bike to appreciate the moment.  I lingered until just past the sunset of an unseasonably warm day, but pending darkness beckoned after that.  3.5 riding miles through pleasantly cooling woods remained back to the truck, with only fading twilight for navigation.  The Bankhead overlook over the Sinks onto Stone Cuts sounded quieter than usual, with muted greyish purple pre-Spring trees to match.  Rounding the bend down Old Bankhead, the city lights north towards Moores Mill Road were equally breathtaking.  The evening and seasonal timing were perfect.

O'Shaughnessy Point mountain biking sunset

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