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176 years ago yesterday

Thanks to my Mom, who reminded me that James Madison died on June 28, 1836, at his home in Montpelier, Virginia, only 3.4 miles (as the Whip-poor-will flies) away from the house in which I grew up.

Father of the Constitution

176 years later to the day, the Supreme Court of the United States dealt his beloved foundational achievement a crippling blow.

Democrats filibustered the Civil Rights Act of 1964

(via Right Scoop) 48 years ago yesterday, Senate Minority Leader Everett McKinley Dirksen (Republican, Illinois) broke a 57 working day Democrat filibuster against the pending Civil Rights Act of 1964.

Senate Minority Leader Everett McKinley Dirksen (R, Ill.)

Racist Senator Robert C. Byrd (Democrat, West Virginia) sat down after speaking for fourteen hours and thirteen minutes against passage, and Senator Dirksen took the floor soon thereafter.  The Senate voted 71-29 to pass.  The House passed the Senate version, and LBJ signed the bill into law on July 2.

Making past bad Presidents look good

Setting an end date to this war is popular and he did it for the express purpose of talking about it during this election, but it doesn’t mean we are safer.

via State of the Union: Paragraphs 1 – 5.

I couldn’t agree more. And could there be anything more vile than cheapening the commitment and enormous sacrifice of countless Americans and their families? For what, some quick election year points? This President is a disgrace beyond all past bad Presidents.

Jack Pelton gets it

Kudos to Jack Pelton, the CEO of Cessna, who’s showing the courage not to sprint off the zero-sum cliff with the rest of the economic know-nothings.  Make no mistake, the control freaks advocating curbed use of business jets are either environmental extremists, anti-capitalist zealots, or both.

a CEO with courage

a CEO with courage

bread baking versus bread slicing

Why am I not surprised to discover that Jack Kemp is not quite the … er (I’m ashamed to admit it) … also-ran that I somehow allowed myself to believe he might be?  I could excuse myself with relative youth and because I was ill-informed back then, but those words ring hollow.  Better to listen to those who actually know the man.  Jeffery Lord, for instance.  Please keep your thoughts and prayers with the Kemp family.

Jack Kemp

Jack Kemp

modern American exceptionalism

In “Imperial Grunts“, a US Army Major gave great insight to Kaplan.  In summary, Major Lee explained to Kaplan that he would observe the ground realities of a country’s army as a barometer for judging that country’s culture and political system.

It’s not hard to find reasons to be a frustrated American these days, but using Major Lee’s yardstick, we have ample reason to be thankful.  Consider Specialist Monica Lin Brown who received a Silver Star for Gallantry for her selfless actions as a PFC medic on April 25, 2007.  The extraordinary thing is how common such stories are in our Armed Forces.


So keep your chins up, fellow Americans.  Greatness lives on in this country we love – we need only look outside Washington, D.C. to find it.

freedom earned, freedom shared

Captain (as of May 2015, Major) David Moses, you understand freedom with a depth that most of us will never know.

Captain David Moses, US Army

Major David Moses, US Army

Thank you for honoring Leonard Cowherd and his parents in your speech at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial this past Memorial Day.  Thank you and your fellow soldiers for helping to extract Leonard’s injured buddies on the day he was killed.  Thank you for your two tours of service in Iraq.  And thank you for being such an inspiration to your generation of Americans.

Narrowed Karbala location

Yesterday, I received information I trust that allows me to further narrow the location of the Mukhayem Mosque where Leonard was killed.  This location falls within the rough area I had surmised earlier this summer.

where was Leonard killed inside Karbala?

Tonight I tried to pinpoint specifically where Leonard was killed within Karbala.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to locate the Mukhayam (sometimes “al-Mukhayam”, or “al-Mukhayyam”) Mosque on the map, other than its proximity to the Imam Husayn and Imam Abbas shrines.  I have drawn a rough region narrowing the location as far as I had evidence to do so.  If anyone has more detailed information, please help me correct this map (research available on map upon clicking the region).

Leonard reflections

My oldest son’s graduation from Space Camp this morning began with the national anthem.  I was singularly focused on Leonard’s sacrifice throughout.  I also reminded my son after lunch that this was the 4th anniversary of Leonard’s death.  He asked how it happened, so I retold the story.  He says he still remembers Leonard’s funeral at Arlington.  I hope he never forgets.

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