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We are not a football team

(hat tip Minus the Bear’s awesome tune for article title)

Will we allow propaganda hacks, the GOP establishment, Ann Coulter, and Karl Rove to prop up the next man in line, just because we’re too afraid to be aligned with the losing guy at the buzzer?  Remember, propaganda hacks will gleefully jump ship the instant all other GOP contenders are gone, no matter who the nominee is.  C’mon folks, we’re not lap dogs, and we’re talking about our country here, not your fantasy football league.

character destruction on parade

Look at that Real Clear Politics graph, and stop me when you’ve heard this tune before:

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NASA, Reach!

Kudos to Keith Cowing over at NASA Watch for posting this insanely good NASA commercial.  This is no longer the current NASA vision, but we humans will eventually get this right, even if it’s not pretty to watch the sausage making process between now and then.

NASA, Reach!

sleepy survival instincts

Today, many of us solve a slight pang of “hunger” with a waltz to the fridge or a slight detour to the drive-thru. We spend less of our time meeting basic needs, and more on discretionary activities.

Our next meal is rarely in doubt, and we can easily spend a lifetime without experiencing a true fight-or-flight response for fear of becoming a meal ourselves. So it’s understandable that our survival instincts are dulled. Understandable, but not excusable.

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