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Hey Val Gal – Really?

This lame “really?” quip still spouted by the cool kids completely drives me insane.  It’s totally “so 29 years ago.”  The AT&T commercials that milk this line in joke after “joke” (er, ice-pick-in-the-eye repetition) have worn it out long ago.  Like.

scientific method redux

Full disclosure:  I am not a scientist.  I passed the minimum science classes required to slog through engineering school.  But back in those dark ages, a cursory understanding of the scientific method was well within the realm of expected science 101 knowledge.

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vitriol trumps thought

Ever since I was a kid, listening to others scream and yell has irritated me tremendously. Having gained control of my temper relatively late in life, I admit to being the occasional offender, too.

But the constant drone of vitriolic expression in our daily lives numbs, dulls… Perhaps it’s caused by our basic desire to grab attention right now, and our choice to listen later (or not at all).

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