Campaign Agenda

This page was copied directly from on 2012-03-31, with only minor formatting adjustments.

As Probate Judge, I will:

  • Explore the feasibility of E-File for attorneys in the Probate Court
  • Digitalization of all Probate documents and/or files.
  • Explore the feasibility of placing some probate office services at the satellite offices in Madison County, Alabama.
  • Redacting of recordings to prevent identity theft as required by law.
  • Set up an ombudsman office in the probate court to as a place for citizens to seek help from governmental agencies.
  • All attorneys who place their name on the court appointed list will be given cases.
  • Work full-time as the probate judge and handle matters that are Probate Court nature.

My Promise to the Citizens of Madison County:

In every area of responsibility assigned to the Probate Judge, my goal will be to provide: (1) prompt; (2) courteous; (3) fair-minded; (4) accurate; and (5) available service when needed. With regard to judicial matters, the mission of the Probate Court will be to provide an impartial and accessible forum for the just, timely and economic resolutions of judicial proceedings within the court’s jurisdiction, so as to protect the rights and liberties and to promote public trust and confidence. In all instances, the Probate Court will be committed to following the applicable law.My promise is that I will work hard for all of the citizens of Madison County, and to provide a Probate Court that all of the citizens of Madison County can be proud of.

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