Campaign Agenda

This page was copied directly from on 2012-03-29.


  • Recruit and create jobs, in order to stimulate economic development, is our top priority.
  • Invest tax dollars where they will best benefit the public – and that is on those efforts that bring new jobs and development across Madison County.


  • Work closely with the Sheriff’s department and our Volunteer Fire Departments to make sure that they have the resources they need to provide services and protect our community.


  • Demand accountability and stop wasting taxpayer money. Reform county government to end business as usual and restore the public trust.
  • Will not raise taxes.


  • Work every day to invest more in maintaining our roads and building new ones.
  • Stand up to see that Madison County receives its fair share of road funding from Montgomery and that eastern Madison County receives our fair share of ALL road dollars.


  • Partner with every school in my district to help them to be the best in the state of Alabama.
  • Work to make sure our teachers have the necessary resources to teach our children and to restore discipline in the classroom.


  • Fight illegal immigration and work to give our law enforcement the resources they need.
  • Protect our property rights from eminent domain.
  • Improve greenways, parks and recreational facilities without raising taxes by teaming with local businesses, and working with communities.


  • Stop the political infighting and work with local, state and federal leaders to keep Madison County a great place to live and to raise
    a family.

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