Joey Parker

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  • Facebook: Joey Parker for Madison County Commissioner District 3
  • News stories:
    • (2012-03-14) WHNT interviews Parker – focus on schools & drainage improvement
    • (2011-Dec) Joey Parker seeks seat on Madison County Commission:
      • “top issues are improving the senior citizens centers in the district, using his education background to help schools, working with the Tennessee Valley Authority on flooding problems, keeping both District 3 sheds “working at full speed” and improving road shoulders for farmers to move their equipment between fields easier”
      • “he wants to go after grants to improve the district’s senior centers”
      • “As for the district sheds in New Hope and Gurley, Parker said he’s heard rumors that the county would close district sheds in the rural districts and create a central office to perform roadwork throughout the county.  “I am not for that,” he said. “We’re going to keep both sheds in Gurley and New Hope open.”  He said crews can respond quicker to emergencies from the sheds in the district than if they were dispatched from a central office in Huntsville.”
      • “Parker has been a teacher and coach at New Hope High School for 24 years.”

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