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Complete Experience Matters

Linda Coats has more than 20 years experience in District Courts. She has already worked in every facet of case law that will come before her as a District Court Judge.

In Juvenile Delinquency cases, Linda Coats will have the opportunity to affect the lives of children through intervention. As she has in hundreds of cases, she will work to help every juvenile offender both in the courtroom and through the juvenile probation officers and community resources.

Linda Coats believes that the majority of the most important cases that come before the District Court are those that involve the welfare children. At any given time, there are over 500 children in foster care in Madison County and she knows there is a life at stake with each one.

Linda Coats has spent decades representing child welfare cases from every angle — as an appointed attorney for the child, as an attorney for the parents, and as the attorney for the Madison County Department of Human Resources. She knows how to maximize the system for the greatest benefit to the child.

Linda Coats will fight crimes against children, protect them, and work with their parents and families to improve conditions. She will bring all parties together to develop a plan that is in the best interest of each child, and she will make sound decisions to impact Madison County’s children every day of their lives.

Madison County’s children deserve a Judge who has complete experience in order to secure the best outcome for their futures.

Madison County’s children deserve Linda Coats.

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