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tools for C++ on Linux

Big thanks to Ashish Grover for his 2012-07-18 post “10 tools C C++ Linux Programmer must know“. I was not aware of the ctags or cscope tools before reading his post, but I’m very happy to add those to my toolbox.

Ashish Grover portrait

some good stuff I missed

Software I explored today:

  • OGRE 3D – an open-source graphics rendering engine (with physics intentionally omitted)
  • Mercurial & Git/Cogito – distributed source control management tools (yes, I did watch this whole hour with Linus – he had no kind words for SVN)
  • Test soon – a unit testing framework for C++, not of the xUnit family
  • QEMU w/ KQEMU – an open-source PC emulator, with flexible host/guest options, with “near native” performance
  • Valgrind – an open-source profiling tool
  • open-source physics engines – further study needed to narrow down list
  • EGM96 – Earth Gravitational Model, Fortran
  • Capistrano – a tool for automating tasks on one or more remote servers, Ruby-based

Finally, I’ll probably make Ubuntu my distro of choice, (at least partially) since a space guy created it.

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