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tattered boots, bootstraps intact

bootstraps intact

I’m not going to sugar coat it, last night’s results were very bad at the national level. But America has persevered through tough trials before: starvation at Jamestown, seemingly hopeless odds in the American Revolution, Brits burning the White House in the War of 1812, bitter division that stewed for decades leading up to and through the Civil War. We’ve put Jim Crow laws in our past, suffered terrible poverty and the Dust Bowl in the 1930s. We’ve defeated genocidal monsters all over the world. Through each of these seemingly insurmountable challenges, we’ve emerged stronger on the other side. Chin up, young Lady Liberty. Be patient with us – it’s going to take years. But we will not let you down.

hometown history

Mom & Dad gave me a great Christmas present this year: a day-long historical tour of Orange County, Virginia (where I grew up) and surrounding areas. Mr. Frank S. Walker, Jr. guided me for this one-on-one Civil War-themed tour.

Connections are the “hook” that draw me to history, and there were quite a few personal ones for me on this day. Mr. Walker’s wife, Mrs. Bernice Walker was my science teacher through most of my formative years at Grymes Memorial School. Truth be told, I never was Mrs. Walker’s best student. My interest in growing the biggest crystals in the class had far more to do with a crush I had on lab partner Ms. Phillips than it did with any true interest in science. I also remember Mrs. Walker calling me aside after class one day and telling me that she didn’t care whether I sat in the back of the room not listening, passing notes, and throwing spitballs. She did insist, however, that the peers with whom I was distracted truly did need to pay attention.

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mere catch arguments

Quoted from Shelby Foote’s narrative on the Civil War:

If there ever could be a proper time for mere catch arguments, that time surely is not now. In times like the present men should utter nothing for which they would not willingly be responsible through time and in eternity.
– Abraham Lincoln

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