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Longevity in the sport of running follows good planning, but good run planning shouldn’t intimidate you. Distance running can provide a lifetime of enjoyment and health benefits. Running can be your golf, except easier. And much cheaper!

Aim for a running plan that works for you long term, but don’t demand the “perfect” plan on day 1. Strive for a routine that’s realistic for you regardless of your current fitness level. Whether you’re an advanced runner or a brand new runner who has no idea what a plan that “works” or that’s “realistic” looks like, it’s okay to develop your plan gradually. Eventually, a solid plan will help remove friction and excuses from your run routine.

Your plan need not be my plan – in fact, it probably won’t be. I’ve been running for decades, but my former plan (“go run as fast as possible today”, aka “no plan at all”) was haphazard and often counterproductive until I changed my ways relatively recently. My current personal plan derives from Hansons Half Marathon Method, by Humphrey, Hanson and Hanson, published 2014. Over a few years, it has served me very well, but there are other excellent running plans and methods out there that might fit you better.

Hansons Half Marathon Method

Align and adjust your plan to fit your running goals. A good plan might…

  • minimize your need to think about what to do each day, just go do what the plan says.
  • stress the importance of easy days mixed in between hard workout days.
  • guide you to recovery from injury or sickness.
  • prepare you for a race or event better than you could’ve by winging it.
  • provide many, many other benefits.

More generally, follow a good plan to stand on the shoulders of giants, to build on their successes, and most importantly to avoid their mistakes.

Welcome to running! Your feedback to this or my other distance running posts is welcome.

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