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exactly which lady part?

Yes, I’m well aware that the left classifies me as a card-carrying Samurai in the War on Women.

that’s me, fighting women

On the other hand, Barack Obama and the left really care about women. Don’t take my word for it, just watch this perverted ad for conclusive proof.

Surely Obama will be quite proud to show that crowning achievement “first time” ad to his grandchildren one day. We “Warriors on Women” have a polar opposite message for the ladies we love: vote for your individual liberties, vote with your God-given ability to reason.

yes, that part

willful neglect of Israel

As Jeffrey Goldberg reports at the Atlantic, the Obama Administration continues to slight our dear ally Israel exactly when fortitude is called for. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu appears completely fed up. Can we blame him or the Israelis?

Mr. President, your treatment of Israel has been shameful.

I stand firmly for Israel, and I am ashamed that my country has ignored the call under Obama’s direction. I pray we correct this injustice soon.

Desperate? Guilty as charged.

Here’s a timely excerpt from the outstanding headline article over at American Thinker today by Geoffrey P. Hunt.  “Yes, we are desperate”:

Desperate to rescue a nation quickly devolving into an ungovernable economic catastrophe.  Desperate to repudiate a culture of  institutionalized dependency, where class envy substitutes for sweat equity.  Desperate to reclaim a society where individual achievement and initiative are admired, not punished.  Desperate to restore common decency in political discourse, where ideas triumph over ad hominems.  Desperate to avoid the “Road to Serfdom,” a looming certainty if Obama’s legacy prevails.

Are you terrible at math?

Hair on fire about Mitt’s tax returns?  Let me help you out:  Mitt has earned millions, $0 direct impact on you.  Obama has stolen & wasted trillions of your grandchildren’s yet earned money.  So Obama is very literally a million times worse, and infinitely worse if you have an ounce of intellectual honesty.

Obama didn’t fail

Rush Limbaugh’s hope that Obama would fail has (unfortunately) failed.  Everything that Obama has touched since he became President is a contemptible mess, but that’s not the same as saying that he failed.  He has succeeded beyond all expectations using methods similar to General William Tecumseh Sherman’s – sheer destruction along his entire Presidential march.  Yet in Obama’s case, his ends do not justify his means.  His ends and his means are immoral.  In that way, his Presidency has been closer to Charlie Sheen’s infamous drug-crazed #winning campaign.

Obama has “succeeded” with Sherman-esque means, and #winning ends that’d make Charlie Sheen blush

to my dear friends

To those of you who aren’t already hopelessly in the tank for an avowed hard leftist temporary President/tyrant of this great nation, I pen this tough love plea. In response to this morning’s disastrous, indefensible decision by the Supreme Court, I’ve noticed a theme repeated in several locations. Something to the too little, too late effect of “I don’t usually share my political thoughts online, but…”

…and I ask rhetorically, how’s that approach working out for our dear nation? I’m sorry to point out the obvious, but your politeness and social graces have played out quite conveniently for aggressive leftist ideologues. As an expression of their gratitude towards you, you’re derided as a racist, homophobic, xenophobic, teabagging, women-hating, evil rich hundred-thousandaire bigot hobbit (ah, don’t mention it, you’re most welcome).

Back to those of you in the leftist tank, who permit your “leaders” boundless leeway in these (and endless other) destructive means: start working on that explanation to your grandchildren. Your creative writing skills remain sorely inadequate for the eventuality. Good luck in shouldering that burden. My fellow patriots and I will not carry it for you.

what individual freedom remains?

Today we frittered away the historically sound legacy of true historical greats. We gave away the foundation of individual freedom that our forefathers fought for and died to defend. We surrendered the very essence of this country. For what? To stroke an arrogant, misguided, impossible fool – a small man, a temporary politician unworthy of his post. Welcome to the US, our dying soft (currently hardening) tyranny. To future generations, some of us are immeasurably sorry for the harm we’ve inflicted on you. We fought this, I shed tears this morning – but we failed you.

Propagandists, all together now!

Real Clear Politics, the Weekly Standard, and Politico set the “heckle” bar pretty darned low, especially when carrying the water for the Beloved One.  MSNBC also led the “heckle” echo chamber, but also astutely (cough) observed the “racism” involved.

Neil Munro of the Daily Caller takes an O scolding (photo from Reuters via Drudge)

So there you have it, my friends:  “heckle” is the newspeak word of the day, meaning “to dare expect Obama to field a tough question” or “to disagree with an Obama policy (usually risked only by a racist)”.

a followup question for Spike Lee

After watching Spike Lee’s 2012 Sundance “rant” (I’m willing to give him a break because he didn’t start dropping gratuitous F-bombs until Chris Rock primed the pump with his question), and reading his entire June 12 GQ interview, I’d like to address the portion of the GQ interview that raised so much attention this week:

GQ: The election is coming up. You’ve been a big supporter of Barack. Why do you think so many people are so critical of him?
Spike Lee: I can’t say to all the people that are unhappy with him that they’re racist people. People ain’t got jobs, people are hurting. So I don’t care what color you are, if people are out of work, it’s tough. And then when you’re the first African American president, that’s not helping either.

a followup question for Spike Lee

Spike, you “can’t say […] all the people that are unhappy with [Obama] […] [are] racist people.”  And you go on to say “when you’re the first African American president, that’s not helping.”  I don’t understand what you meant by that second part, but I’m more focused on the first part.  If you can’t say all the people who oppose Obama are racist, can you name one who’s racist?  You made the charge, so you should bear the burden of evidence.  I don’t support Obama at all, and yet I have not one racist bone in my body.  Why the need for floating an unsupported charge of racism?  Doesn’t that cheapen instances of true racism in the past?

there is no nuance to Obama…

…he simply thinks you’re stupid.  He believes this deeply enough to bet his political future on it.

O knows you’re a dodo

This morning, Obama’s press conference occurred in the Twilight Zone (watch the clip on Right Scoop), in which he floated this whopper:

The private sector is doing fine. Where we’re seeing weaknesses in our economy have to do with state and local government”

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