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NASA’s remnants melting

I have close, multi-generational ties to NASA, both within my family and circle of close friends. A few of these folks still ache for the good old days, and tend to bristle at mere mention of commercial or semi-commercial players like SpaceX, Scaled, or Virgin Galactic.

melting NASA logo, as the agency demeans itself with garbage science

NASA demeans itself with garbage science

We can absolutely forget the good old days as long as NASA continues to mire itself in climate hoax and Muslim outreach. I admire Buzz Aldrin and Walt Cunningham for their courage in standing up against the hypocrisy of supposed world-class NASA scientists’ active participation in this global fraud.

Foust reports: SS2 still on hold

Jeff Foust went to Mojave on Monday for the WK2 rollout.  He posted some great pictures of the featured bird.  I was pleased to see from his pictures how healthy Burt Rutan looks after his heart troubles over the past year.

Most newsworthy was Jeff’s interview with Burt himself, in which Burt said that development of SpaceShipTwo has been on hold since the Scaled accident of July 26, 2007 (hard to believe it’s been a year).  Burt did say that the accident investigation is now complete.  He indicated that the lessons learned will result in significant design changes for SS2.

my midlife crisis will be…

I’ve told my wife that I’ll forgo that Mercedes Benz I’ve always wanted if she’ll let me spend $50K during my lifetime for a ticket to ride on SpaceShipTwo. It’s $200K for a ticket right now (which is north of my tax bracket), but hopefully the passenger volume will warrant a reduction in price while I’m still hanging out on the right side of the dirt. Yeah, $50K is north of my tax bracket, too. But c’mon! We’re talking midlife crisis here.

Congratulations, Burt Rutan. Congratulations, Sir Richard Branson. It’s a beautiful ship design. I bet Glen, Eric, and Todd would be extremely proud. I look forward to seeing the real bird. I will start saving my Interstellar Kredits.

(Updated 11:22pm) Wow, from pictures now up on, WhiteKnightTwo (which they’re calling “Virgin Galactic’s Mothership”) looks like a piece of marketing & engineering genius. A significant upgrade from WhiteKnightOne. Elements of Rutan (reuse two identical fuselages on the same bird), elements of Branson (hey, let’s put passengers in that thing, too! They can get a front row seat for the high atmosphere launch!) Too cool.

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