Issue: DateUtil friends


Platform:  Kubuntu 8.04, gcc 4.2.3
GMAT SVN revision 5797
source of interest:  branches/development/src/base/util/DateUtil[.hpp/.cpp]

Problem Explanation

gcc 4.2.3 doesn’t like DateUtil’s use of friends.  As currently defined, friends don’t make sense in this class anyway, since DateUtil has no protected or private members.  The following “boiled down” code is sufficient to demonstrate both the essence of the problem and a suggested fix:


“build.results” in IsLeapYear_not_declared directory shows the problem, “build.results” in IsLeapYear_static_fix directory shows the successful build.

Possibly Relevant

In the “build” tree, “friend-injection” is defined under OPTIMIZATIONS under the Linux file.  Apparently, this permits some deprecated gcc feature related to friends.  More research needed.


On hold.  Investigate cross-dependency between base/foundation and base/solarsys.  Unable to build out DateUtil patch until knowing how to work around this other build problem.

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