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Multiple Monitors in Ubuntu

Update, 2011-06-01:  grumble, this is broken again in Ubuntu 11.04.  I currently don’t have a solution, and I’m just working without my external monitor.  Not goodness.

I recently updated all my ZaReason boxen to Ubuntu 10.04, and managing multiple monitors in this update is easier than it used to be. Continue reading

extend Kubuntu desktop to second screen

Update, 2010-06-19:  I use a different approach than the one described in this post since I upgraded to Ubuntu 10.04.

I successfully extended my Kubuntu desktop to a second monitor.  I’m running Kubuntu 8.04 (updated on 2009-07-03 for 9.04) on a ZaReason BigLap, with an Intel video card and a Dell external monitor (connected via VGA cable – the BigLap doesn’t have a DVI interface).

Continue reading

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