some good stuff I missed

Software I explored today:

  • OGRE 3D – an open-source graphics rendering engine (with physics intentionally omitted)
  • Mercurial & Git/Cogito – distributed source control management tools (yes, I did watch this whole hour with Linus – he had no kind words for SVN)
  • Test soon – a unit testing framework for C++, not of the xUnit family
  • QEMU w/ KQEMU – an open-source PC emulator, with flexible host/guest options, with “near native” performance
  • Valgrind – an open-source profiling tool
  • open-source physics engines – further study needed to narrow down list
  • EGM96 – Earth Gravitational Model, Fortran
  • Capistrano – a tool for automating tasks on one or more remote servers, Ruby-based

Finally, I’ll probably make Ubuntu my distro of choice, (at least partially) since a space guy created it.

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  1. Dave on

    Appears that Cogito is an old Git frontend, and that there are newer/better ones available.

    QEMU w/ KQEMU was a bust for me. I got Kubuntu installed on it, and it worked for one day, but then started hanging on all subsequent reboots. Also, didn’t share the Windows network connection as claimed in some documentation. I don’t have patience to debug in the VM domain – I just want it to work.

    I also tried Wubi (w/ Kubuntu 7.04.04), and it installed fine, but would never boot. I suspect it didn’t like my full drive encryption.

    So now I’m going to try VMWare Player, and see if it meets my needs.

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